Our hospitable Island, from 1131 until nowadays...

Founded in 1131 with the purpose of encouraging “the recovery of the soul and spirit,” the crescent-shaped San Clemente Island served as a starting point for religious pilgrims and soldiers setting sail for the Holy Land. 

The original monastery where San Clemente PalaceHotel & Resort now exists was home to a succession of religious orders and rebuilt by the Camaldolesi monks in 1645 with the financial assistance of Venetian nobility. A new pavilion was added in the 20th century, and over the centuries the island has maintained its atmosphere as an inviting and peaceful oasis overlooking the city of Venice to the Giudecca, with the Lido in the foreground. 

The restoration of the buildings, executed with the utmost respect for their historical and artistic heritage and the natural beauty of its surroundings, retains the atmosphere of its ancient origins, with frescoes and an impressive Renaissance façade.  All traces of the island’s history have been preserved in the tradition of a grand hotel for the most discerning traveller.